CÉ LA VI, the new luxury dining & entertainment brand by LVMH, is located on the top three floors of the new California Tower in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong. A heady concoction of imagination, flair and rhythm, the lifestyle venue is a sanctuary of seduction dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure - a tropical oasis in the center of the concrete jungle. Bringing together stunning vistas, an energizing urban environment and an invigorating philosophy, CÉ LA VI - which is a play on the French term “This is Life” – aims to become the international titan of lifestyle and sophisticated hedonism.

Filled with natural materials such as lava stone, ship’s wood, rattan and nourished with live plants in the form of vertical gardens and green chandeliers, the creative vision for the new venue brings the feel of the tropical rainforest into the concrete jungle while constantly paying homage to CÉ LA VI’s commitment to harmony and balance. The motifs and colours of the Southeast Asian landscape occur throughout the venue, using shadow and textures to masterfully create a seductive, intimate and sensual atmosphere.

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