The Gloucester, Hong Kong

With its prime perch along Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor, the residential tower will be a slender, crowned mega frame embedded with the sapphire flash of a swimming pool. Though designed to dazzle from a distance, the architecture is equally pleasing close-up. Aquarium grade acrylic offers a mid-lap view of the harbor while vertical fins are set at gradually changing angles forty storeys below, animating the architecture, lending privacy to the lobby and referencing its similarly-clad sister hotel located nearby.

Set along one of the island’s busiest traffic thoroughfares, the tower remains mostly inward-looking – a retreat from the city. AB Concept has buffered the lobby using natural elements like lava stone, garden walls and an ethereal installation that resembles frozen, falling water.

In public leisure areas the designers have combined generous natural lighting with deep aqua blues in a scheme dubbed ‘Midnight Sapphire’. These include a richly upholstered clubroom and an infinity pool served by a retractable skylight. An enclosed ‘Oasis’ level also offers barbeque and leisure facilities amid vertical foliage.

In the apartments themselves, the lower floors fit a healthful ‘Detoxed City’ scheme in crisp white oak and marble, while smokier, textured environs in the larger upper floor condos embody ‘Whiskey Temptation’ with landscapes of brown travertine and taupe.