W Hotel, Beijing

The overarching concept that weaves throughout this 349-room hotel, comes from Tian Yuan Di Fang (天圆地方), a Chinese philosophical tenet that depicts heaven as round and the Earth as square. The motifs manifest themselves in repeated references, where a ubiquitous framework of black and bronze metal squares envelops smaller circles and crystal spheres.

In the Living Room, the theme finds its expression in a light-filled cube and an enormous globe-shaped DJ booth. The space is bisected by a grand and glamorous catwalk-style walkway designed to add a sense of occasion to the room while providing the perfect space for fashion events. A polished gold welcome desk underneath a chandelier lit by 26,000 LEDs in alternating colours provides the centerpiece for the guests’ arrival experience. The round and square contrast is again repeated in the imperial ceiling, as well as in the furniture and custom lighting.

The concepts of size, scale and balance provided a key inspiration for the overall project by taking the grandeur of the Chinese capital of Beijing, with its monumental imperial landmarks such as The Forbidden City and the Great Hall of the People.